New Range of Monitoring and Analysis Products for Digital Radio

11th May 2016 London (UK). The new OBSERVA Multiplex Supervisor provides continuous validation and supervision of DAB/DAB+ multiplexes.

Designed for broadcasters and network operators, the Multiplex Supervisor provides evidence of output to a distribution network with live monitoring and optional analysis of a complete DAB/DAB+ multiplex.

For multiplexer output verification, OBSERVA Multiplex Supervisor can be located at the multiplexing, or located at each transmission site to monitor incoming ETI or EDI streams.

The Multiplex Supervisor is available with a choice or combination of two software applications: Monitoring and Analysis.
The Monitoring service provides SNMP and is managed from a Client application, which can be installed locally or remotely. The Monitoring service supports up to 7 simultaneous inputs.

The Analyser software can be installed locally, or remotely and provides detailed metrics, graphs, service viewers and metric logging.

OBSERVA Field Monitor is a professional USB receiver designed for mobile measurements of DAB/DAB+ transmissions, including SFN Networks.

Data are logged against accurate GPS information to produce real-time displays, including graphing of the rate of bit errors in the Fast Information Channel, Phase Reference Symbol display and the Channel Impulse Response.

OBSERVA Field Monitor enables users to create custom monitoring and logging interfaces that contain only the metrics that are required.
This combination of customisable displays, real-time graphs and wide range of metric measurements gives users the most versatile too for accurate and informative field measurements.


About Factum Radioscape

Factum Radioscape are dynamic participants in development and deployment of Digital Audio Broadcasting world-wide. Our background in the development and manufacturing of broadcast systems and monitoring products, plus our experience with DAB transmission networks enables our highly-experienced engineering team to offer a long-term commitment to product evolution and enhancement.

Our products cover the full digital radio broadcast signal chain, covering audio encoding, data insertion, multiplexing, distribution and multiplex management, plus supervision, monitoring, analysis, and a voice-break-in system for road tunnels.

We are committed to quality, service, innovation and putting our customers at the heart of our business. Our experience and proven expertise allows us to tailor solutions to meet our customer’s individual needs. We also provide friendly and efficient after-sales support, either directly, or via our international sales and support partners.

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