Factum Radioscape Brings DAB+ to South Africa

In a major upgrade to their DAB+ trial head-end, SADIBA (the Southern African Digital Broadcasting
Association) invited Factum Radioscape to deploy a replacement DAB+ head-end in May 2017 for the
remainder of the current DAB+ trial. The 3-day visit included installation and commissioning, a technical
workshop that covered DAB+ audio encoding, product familiarisation and training, plus a drive-around
Johannesburg with Factum Radioscape’s OBSERVATM Field Monitor to test the RF transmission.

Dave Cherry (Classic FM) commented:
“On behalf of the Joint SADIBA/NAB Digital Radio DAB+ Trial Work Group, we would like to express our
sincere appreciation for all your hard-work to successfully change the existing trial Head-end to the
Factum Radioscape unit and for the presentations at the workshop. Since switching to the Factum
Radioscape Head-end, services have been stable and members have commented about the
improvement in audio quality.”

Thomas Durkin (Factum Radioscape Managing Director) added:
“We are delighted to be supporting SADIBA with the final phase of their DAB+ trial in Johannesburg and
Pretoria. The superior performance of our encoders and software processes has resulted in higher quality
digital radio, as well as a diverse range of services and real spectral efficiency in a congested broadcast
area. We look forward to working closely with SADBIA, NAB and SABC over the coming years.”