Multiplex Supervisor

Comprehensive customisable DAB+ Monitoring Suite

The OBSERVA Multiplex Supervisor is the market leader for the monitoring and analysis of DAB+ networks. A contemporary and practical interface navigates the user through two completely customisable software applications (monitor and analyser), providing assurance throughout the broadcast chain. Utilising SNMP, real-time data and instant alerts, the Multiplex Supervisor delivers a cost-efficient tool for network validation, supervision and multiplex management of EDIETI and RF.

The Multiplex Supervisor is a monitoring service, which provides fundamental monitoring for three different types of source

The OBSERVA Multiplex Supervisor packages all include remote installation and setup by our trained engineers. We offer the Multiplex Supervisor either as a software on the platform of your choice or, in the case where you require ETI or/and RF, on dedicated hardware.

The Multiplex Supervisor will provide SNMP requests and traps to the user which echo the information displayed on the Multiplex Supervisor client. 


Below are a few screenshots of the Monitor application in OBSERVA Multiplex Supervisor.

The purpose of the Multiplex Supervisor is to provide the user a streamlined monitoring application for the following:

  • The state of the ETI source
  • The continuity of the incoming ETI
  • The content of the ETI stream
  • Silence state of the sub channels contained withing the ETI stream


The Multiplex Supervisor sends the information regarding the monitored ETI stream for visual representation on the remote Multiplex Supervisor client. It can monitor up to seven input streams (hardware and licensing permitting). 


The Multiplex Supervisor provides 8 continuity metrics and allow their monitoring.  


You can also monitor specific content in the incoming ETI stream at a glance on the content section, this includes ensemble ID, services, sub-channels and transmitters (RF only).


Any detected silence creates a visible alarm on the interface with corresponding SNMP trap.


The Multiplex Supervisor will also provide the ability to retransmit monitored ETI sources as EDI for further analysis.